Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Coloring Pages

Welcome to, where you'll find the best selection of free, printable Christmas coloring pages for kids, providing hours and hours of enjoyment. Not only is coloring great fun for children, but it's also beneficial to their development. Coloring gives kids a way to develop their creativity, improves handwriting skill, and provides parents and teachers the opportunity to observe and enhance children's abilities. For younger children, coloring can also assist language development, using both the colors and pictures in word games.

Our Christmas coloring pages are organized in easy to navigate categories:

Santa Coloring Pages
Santas: 12 coloring pages with Santa.

Present Coloring Pages
Presents: 6 coloring pages with presents and gifts.

Religious Coloring Pages
Religious: 8 religious themed coloring pages.

Elf Coloring Pages
Elves: 6 coloring pages with elves.

Children Coloring Pages
Children: 6 Christmas coloring pages with children.

Foliage Coloring Pages
Foliage: 9 foliage themed coloring pages, including trees and wreaths.

Miscellaneous Coloring Pages
Miscellaneous: 20 miscellaneous coloring pages including snowmen, bells, ornaments, and more.

Now print a few pages, get out your crayons, and enjoy! If you liked this site, you'll probaby also love, a really fun site with lots of Christmas song lyrics and pages with Christmas songs from around the world. And for more fun Christmas stuff, check out Santa's Quarters Christmas goodies, where you'll also find plenty of other free Christmas goodies and decorations, including commercial Christmas ornaments and cool colored Christmas trees. The red and pink trees are particularly nice!